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August 2000 - DNC/RNC Protesters

With all of the intense protest surrounding the two presidential conventions in the month of August, it was difficult to single out any individual for their work for the month.

Therefore, we award the August Freedom Fighter of the Month to all of the demonstrators involved in protesting at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Activists brought attention to issues from the failed drug war, to political corruption, police brutality, to environmental destruction.

And of those that protested, we want to give special recognition to those who were imprisoned for their beliefs, and stayed in jail for days and weeks to show solidarity with their fellow arrested protesters.

To read up about the courageous actions of the protesters, check out the Independent Media Center’s website, which has hundreds of articles, first-hand testimonies, photos, interviews, and video.

Congratulations to everyone on their success, and keep on fighting the good fight.

In Solidarity,
Rage Against the Machine.

Photos provided by David Atlas and Maayan Zach

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